Steve's CDs

Steve has released 6 CDs as a leader, to great acclaim nationally as well as internationally. Owen Cordle of the News Observer notes that Steve’s “fluid technique and tonal nuances may remind you of Jerry Bergonzi’s brand of Coltrane derivations. Skill and practice are required to play this way…there is the mystical, spiritual vibrato, the urgency of his phrases, and the harmonic approach–pentatonic scales, superimposed chord substitutions and certain chromatic embellishments…A high-energy…heroic torrent…(that) suggests a total mind-body connection.” A review in Improvijazzation Nation notes: “Steve’s tenor and soprano sax skills are at the top of the stack”; while San Francisco Weekly observes that: “Heckman’s surging, shiny-toned tenor and keening soprano saxophones fashion a post-bop matrix that is spell-binding.”